Shedding light on Leach

In his recent article, Steve Esack (The Morning Call) sheds light on what my primary opponent, Daylin Leach, is doing in the shadows as a Pennsylvania State Senator.

By accepting employment at a law firm that lobbies for and represents clients in the medical marijuana industry while still in public office, Leach is personally profiting from his sponsorship and championing of Pennsylvania's new medical marijuana law. 

While technically legal and not in violation of the State Ethics Commission regulations for an elected representative to moonlight in such a position, most will agree that doing so is, at best, highly suspicious.

Leach's behavior and actions in this matter are absolutely disgraceful and call into serious question his true motives for running for Congress, and he can't be trusted to put the interests of those he represents above his own.

I’m running for Congress to stop career politicians like Leach. When I’m elected, I won’t be just another politician looking out for their own interests, I’ll be a representative that looks out for Pennsylvanians in the 7th District.

Click here to read Steve Esack's article.