Leach can't be trusted to protect the environment

On Tuesday, I attended a discussion by Princeton and MIT educated and practicing climate expert Dr. Kirsten Findell, and during her talk she stressed the widespread harm that's been caused by humans on our planet. To be frank, her findings were frightening and only persuaded me more that something needs to be done to immediately combat this global crisis.

As the next Congressman from Pennsylvania's 7th district, I will fight relentlessly to protect our environment and stop global warming, and I expect my fellow primary candidates to do the same.

Anything less than perfect scores for my legislative performance from the League of Conservation Voters, PennEnvironment, Sierra Club, and other reputable environmental groups should be totally unacceptable to the constituents of the district. 

Sadly, one of my primary opponents, career politician Daylin Leach, has an environmental voting record that has deteriorated dramatically over his years in office -- with both PennEnvironment and Sierra Club giving him a 2015/2016 Score of 40%. 

In addition to his poor record, one of Leach's top campaign contributors includes FirstEnergy, which placed 58 out of 100 of the country's largest polluters in a recent University of Massachusetts Amherst study.  This is the same FirstEnergy that was required to pay $1.5 billion by 2011 as part of a settlement to end a lawsuit filed by the EPA which alleged that the company failed to install pollution control equipment when upgrading its coal burning plants.

Leach's actions have clearly demonstrated that he cannot be trusted to protect the environment and advance clean energy in Pennsylvania, and that he'd rather continue his career as a politician that protect our beloved Commonwealth. 

As your next Congressman, I will refuse to be influenced by special interests because what's important is that we're building a better, greener world for our children and grandchildren.