Patrick Meehan’s Contempt for Women

As the father of two daughters, Patrick Meehan’s contempt for women infuriates and disgusts me.  On September 12th, he voted AGAINST increasing funding for the Department of Labor’s Women's Bureau by $1.064 million, and decreasing funding by the same amount for the Bureau of Labor Statistics Prices and Cost of Living Division.  The fiscally responsible amendment (H.Amdt.400 to H.R.3354) was introduced by New York Representative Grace Meng.  $1.064 million, a “drop in the bucket” for a $9 billion plus departmental budget, could have gone a long way in helping women in the labor force.

More needs to be done to assure the economic security of all women and I fully support the good work that the Women’s Bureau does.  “We work to level the playing field for all women in the labor force, recognizing that true equal opportunity would have a positive impact not only on women’s own financial stability, but also on the broader economic security of their families and on the wellbeing of our nation.” – Women’s Bureau