Local Entrepreneur Network's Big July Business Mixer

Thank you Carole Pepe and Local Entrepreneur Network (http://www.localentrepreneurnetwork.com/) for hosting the Big July Business Mixer event in King of Prussia on  July 27, 2017.  

As someone who started and ran their own small business in the 2000s, I know what entrepreneurs go through, the good and bad, and what they feel, the joys and heartaches.  So, as my opponent Patrick Meehan (PA 07) continues to dismantle Dodd-Frank and other laws  that protect against a repeat of the Great Recession, when so many entrepreneurs lost their businesses, I take it personally and it makes me very angry. 

I urge all entrepreneurs to support me in my campaign to defeat Mr. Meehan so I can stop what he is doing to hurt you and those who depend upon you.   I will relentlessly fight to protect and support you because entrepreneurs have always given our nation with a unique competitive advantage in the global market.