Mural Dedication for Fallen Police Officer

It was an incredible honor to attend yesterday's dedication of a mural for Philadelphia Police Sergeant Robert Wilson III who was killed in the line of duty on March 5, 2015 during an attempted robbery of a store where more than 50 shots were fired. In 2016, Sergeant Wilson was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Valor for his actions in keeping the store’s employees and customers safe from harm.

Sergeant Wilson was well known and much liked by the Emergency Room staff (including my wife, Dr. Lisa Evans McGinty) of Saint Joseph’s hospital which was located in the 22nd Police District where he served.

My thoughts and prayers were especially with Sergeant Wilson’s two young sons. Seeing them gave me a much deeper appreciation of how very fortunate I was to have grown up with a father who was a Special Agent with the Naval Investigative Service (now NCIS) and came home from work every day for 20 years.