The Most Important Question

We’ve come to a time where the Democratic Party is trying to rediscover itself and what its policies are going to be moving forward. In primaries across the nation, Democrats are now vying to “out-progressive” one another.

We need to put forward candidates that can not only appeal to Democrats but to Republicans as well, meaning that moderates should and will sometimes be our nominees. In Pennsylvania’s 7th district, where I’m seeking the Democratic nomination, the most important question that primary voters have to ask themselves is, who can defeat the incumbent Patrick Meehan?  

While our district is one of the most gerrymandered in the country, Democrats have previously won the district. Admiral Joe Sestak won the seat in 2006 and 2008, Secretary Clinton won the district last year and Katie McGinty won the district last year in her race for the U.S. Senate race. There is at least one thing that these three people have in common, they were all moderate candidates.

To win in Pennsylvania’s 7th district, the Democratic nominee must sway at least 17% of Republican. As the lone moderate in this race, I am the only candidate who can and will win the district’s seat.

When I beat Patrick Meehan and head to Washington D.C. I promise my future constituents that I will advocate for pragmatic strategies and tactics that deliver incremental and timely improvement, and oppose extreme views and actions, show no fear in reaching across the aisle to find shared vision and common ground, negotiate “win-win” outcomes, and get things done.

This seat is a must win for Democrats in 2018 because the future of our democracy is too important. We can no longer allow Meehan to perpetuate his anti-environment, anti-consumer and anti-Pennsylvanian policies.