Hailing from Jenkintown, Drew McGinty is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. He was born to a stay-at-home mother and father who was a career Naval Officer and agent with the Naval Investigative Service (now NCIS) and Defense Investigative Service (now Defense Security Service). Drew worked his way through college, taking on odd jobs including police dispatcher, clerk and jailor, eventually earning his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from LaSalle University and later earning a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Drexel University.

Drew has worked as an Information Technology (IT) professional for over 30 years managing large, complex, and global projects and applying technology to solve business problems in the health insurance, health and hospital systems, pharmaceutical, and banking and financial industries.

In addition to his professional career, Drew spent much of his free time over the years volunteering for charitable organizations.

Drew is married to Lisa (an Emergency Physician with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center) and has a son, two daughters, two step-sons, and two dogs.

Drew is NOT a career politician, he is someone who cares deeply about the people in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District and dedicated to bringing positivity and a shared vision to Washington D.C. when he wins this election and heads there to represent YOU. 

  • Throughout his time as the Congressman from Pennsylvania’s 7th district, Patrick Meehan has shown time and time again that he does not have his constituents’ best interests at heart.
  • The District needs someone who can get things done and work with other Members of Congress across partisan lines.
  • The 7th District has only been won by Democrats 2 out of the last 15 election cycles, and this clearly shows that the people from the District are looking for someone with sensible, moderate views.
  • The only person who can turn the tide in Pennsylvania’s 7th District is Drew, a moderate Democrat running for Congress.