My name is Drew McGinty,  I am an independently-minded, moderate Democrat, and I will faithfully serve and fiercely protect the people of Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives.

I will work hard to find practical solutions to the real problems faced by ordinary Americans.  When others have good ideas for solving these problems, I will support them.  And when others have bad ideas, I will fight them.

Drew McGinty

Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District

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Why I'm running...

We need more elected representatives who, like me:

  • are not career politicians or wealthy individuals;

  • do not compromise their integrity and can be trusted to do what's in everyone's best interests;

  • show all people the respect they deserve;

  • listen carefully and consider all points-of-view;

  • speak truthfully, plainly, and candidly;

  • offer fresh perspectives and new ideas;

  • work effectively with diverse groups of people;

  • find creative solutions to complex problems; and

  • are leaders that get things done.
Phone: (215) 650-7880
McGinty for Congress
PO Box 1480
Media, PA  19063